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How to Make Bath Bombs in High Humidity

James Kiernan

In this article, I'm going to show you exactly how to make bath bombs in high humidity. If you've every tried this before, you know that it can be frustrating, but with a few simple tricks your bath bombs will come out beautiful and firm.

1. Use witch hazel

Some bath bomb recipes call for adding a few sprays of water to moisten the mix. Don't. Use witch hazel instead. You can find this really cheap at Walmart or Amazon. (Walmart is probably cheaper, but often out of stock in my experience). 

2. Temperature control

Just using witch hazel may not be enough to give you firm bath bombs, so to make the perfect bath bombs in high humidity, you also need to control the inside temperature. I suggest you keep it 72 degrees or below. 

3. Dehumidifier

This is an absolute must if you plan to make bath bombs in really high humidity. I suggest this dehumidifier. This may be too much to spend if making bath bombs is just a hobby, but if you plan on selling your bath bombs, this will save you a lot of headaches. 

Using these few suggestions, even in high humidity, my bath bombs usually dry overnight and are rock solid. 

Have any other suggestions? Still having problems with less-than-perfect bath bombs? Leave a comment below: 


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